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Shootie's "No Chance" to be released late 2019. 

Inspired by DMC fans around the word constantly messaging about his participation in DMC5, Shootie takes a break from adulting and cracks open a fresh Pro Tools session to vent his lungs and shake the dust off of his ego. 

"No Chance" (working title) should inspire any person to fight with confidence in their life or fantasy situations. 

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Shootie Remixes on DMC 5

If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of DMC5 you with hear classic remixes of Shootie HG's music from DMC 3 & 4. (Also available as a separate download as paid DLC, if you didn't purchase the Deluxe Edition.)

First Shootie Merch ever available.

Available in April you can pick up one of Shootie's first run of shirts ever. These will be a small quantity, limited-print. Any merch bought directly off of this site will go directly into the shallow pockets of Shootie and directly fund his next work. Get the gear and support Shootie HG.